BRIDGES (A hyBRID (physical-diGital) multi-user Extended reality platform as a stimulus for industry uptake of interactive technologieS) project has brought a holistic solution to the market for (remote and co-located) group interaction in room-scale immersive eXtended Reality (XR) environments that blend the physical and virtual space. 

The immersive interactive technologies have the potential to build on Europe’s creativity, skills and cultural diversity, and impact various domains – from manufacturing, engineering and architecture to education, healthcare, the arts, entertainment and culture. 

The project carried out extensive and comprehensive studies to validate the proposed solution in the areas of industrial training and informal learning/edutainment with the real world settings of major international airports in Germany and Greece for firefighters’ training and the experience of informal learning at the Foundation of Hellenic World.

The BRIDGES solution is based on the existing platform Immersive DeckⓇ, which has been researched and developed by one of the BRIDGES research partners (the Technical University of Vienna) and extended by one of the BRIDGES industrial partners (the SME Illusion Walk). Immersive DeckⓇ has been further researched and developed into a turn-key, flexible and scalable product.




“Bridging” the gap between interactive technologies and industry through the development a holistic, turn-key, low-cost mixed reality platform


Enhancing multi-user interaction by developing a XR setting for a sizable number of users (remote and co-located).


Providing a feature-rich and low cost solution to encourage mapping the virtual world on the build scenarios for limitless potential


Pushing the boundaries of immersive experience by optimising multi-sensorial stimuli by incorporating effects such as wind, heat, smell, vibration, in addition to the visual, auditory and tactile.


Moving towards the “democratisation” of XR by facilitating the integration of own content

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Our team

A XR project like BRIDGES is an inherently multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary endeavor as it crosses the spectrum of a broad range of contributing disciplines in which immersive technologies can be applied to.

The BRIDGES consortium combined industry participants (SMEs and larger organisations) with expertise in content creation, software development and integration members, academic partners with technical and human-computer interaction expertise, end-user organisations providing user requirements and market needs (e.g. airport staff, security and others, teenagers, families, and other museum visitors).

The variety and richness of the participants’ backgrounds and experience was  the strength of BIRDGES team!

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Infinite applications

Immersive Deck: photo of user experience in industrial training

Our methodology

The BRIDGES has ebeen designed and developed with the aim to be adopted in many different settings and various domains.

To showcase the applicability of the BRIDGES platform, the project  extensively piloted the proposed solution designing two scenarios by adopting an iterative, experience-oriented and user-centred approach which aims at ensuring that its users’ needs are perfectly addressed, thus maximising the acceptance of this highly innovative system and its potential for the use in practical situations. 

The applications in the areas of industrial training and informal learning / edutainment has been settled and investigated to deploy the platform in real world conditions. 

BRIDGES is an ecosystem that takes full advantage of the technological advancements in the field of XR to lay the foundation for a ground-breaking approach for competitive and sustainable interactive technologies.

Immersive Deck: photo of user experience in industrial training
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