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BRIDGES at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory

Professor Maria Roussou, who is a partner in our project, presented both pilots of the BRIDGES project to faculty and students of EVL and the Computer Science Department of the University of Illinois at Chicago, in front of 35 attendees, on May 3, 2023.

She delivered a thought-provoking talk titled “Extending the Virtual: The Museum as a Hybrid Experience”.

In this captivating discussion, she delved into the groundbreaking use of advanced digital technologies, like Virtual Reality (VR), within the GLAM sector (galleries, libraries, archives, museums, etc.).

These technologies are indeed revolutionizing the way visitors engage with cultural institutions, taking immersive experiences to new heights.

While the initial focus was on reconstructing reality to overcome the limitations of physical environments, a paradigm shift has occurred. The emphasis has now shifted towards seamlessly integrating the physical and virtual realms. By closely intertwining the digital with the physical space, a hybrid reality is created, where tangible objects play a central role in visitors’ digital experiences.

Professor Maria Roussou drew upon a wide array of cutting-edge immersive technologies, including high-end eXtended Reality (XR) applications and mobile tours designed for cultural and informal educational purposes.

The discussion explored how this hybrid future is transforming traditional didactic walkthroughs into playful, emotive, and socially shared experiences. The goal is to create interactions that are not only meaningful and interactive but also relevant and resonant with the target audience.

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