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Evaluation sessions have ended

The formative evaluation sessions for Pilot 1 at the Athens International Airport and Pilot 2 at the Foundation of the Hellenic World ended last week.

The team of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens administered pre-experience and post-experience questionnaires and conducted interviews with several focus groups.

The evaluation session of Pilot 1 – industrial training – involved 4 participants (2 trainees and 2 trainers), whereas for Pilot 2 – informal education – the University involved 22 participants (who had not been in BRIDGES before).

The Pilot 2 participants experienced the BRIDGES technology being organized in small groups of 3 or 4 people each (in total 6 groups).

In the next few days, the University team will produce the reports, which will be used to revise the BRIDGES instruments based on the outcomes of these and previous sessions.

The NKUA team especially wishes to thank Dr. Sophia Bakogianni for her invaluable help and of course Dimi Christopoulos, George Sofianopoulos, Sakis Rogkas, Lucas Katsikaris, Abraham Onassiadis, Spyros Papagiannis, Christos Koumvakis, and the BRIDGES Advisory Board members from the AIA Fire Brigade (director and officers).

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