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Methodology WP3

Addressing the two fields – industrial training and informal learning – identified by the project as piloting and testing activities of the XR solution proposed by BRIDGES project is very challenging due to a wide range of different needs and expectations.

For this reason, from the first few months of the project, the NKUA (National Kapodistrian University of Athens, one of the project’s partners) team has defined a methodology for eliciting user requirements.

Our framework begins by understanding how the different contexts targeted by BRIDGES operate, concretely how the major international airports in Germany (FBB) and Greece (AIA) train their firefighters and first responders and how the Foundation of the Hellenic World in Greece creates programs for enhancing the learning and recreational experience of its cultural center’s visitors.

Then, we study existing material (videos, etc.) provided by our partners, participate in (onsite) training or learning activities, and involve our partners in an iterative ideation process using focus groups, interviews and questionnaires.

So far, as part of the requirements elicitation process, members of the NKUA team have attended an emergency training drill held at the Athens International Airport on 3rd December 2020, where the in-house fire department was called to extinguish a fire and evacuate a (training) aircraft that had just landed.

The users’ needs collected are listed, grouped (into categories such as pedagogical, experiential, technical, operational, etc.) and prioritized. This will then lead into an informed process of designing the scenarios of the experiences to be tested as part of the pilots. The list of prioritized requirements also creates the basis for compiling the functional specifications. 

In the photo the BRIDGES team is working on the preliminary activities of the pilot. Left to right: Thanos Soulis, Dimitris Nastos, Maria Roussou (NKUA), and Fire Commander Col. George N. Karamanlis and Spyros Papagiannis (AIA).

NKUA at Athens International Airport: first meeting to implement WP3 methodology (user requirements)
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