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Bolt Virtual video interview

After introducing National Kapodistrian University of Athens, it’s the turn of Bolt Virtual video interview.

Bolt Virtual is a market leader in the field of extended reality technologies in Greece. We want to explore together how cultural organisations approached virtual reality to build the most appropriate scenario for our informal learning pilot at the Foundation of the Hellenic World.

What’s the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality? What is the must-have in creating an XR experience for a museum? What are the challenges for extended reality applications in cultural field?

Nowadays, the scope of cultural organisations is to keep the interest of the visitors and to provide visitors a learning and interactive experience to be remembered rather than a static ingestion of facts.

Technologies can help cultural organisations in many different ways, but at the same time there are some key elements that cannot be missed. Within BRIDGES we are building appropriate visitors experience in an ancient Athenian house interacting with the members of the family!

With the Bolt Virtual video interview we’ll discuss these topics and how to transfer this into the BRIDGES pilot activities in cultural field: a better visit experience to enhance informal learning.

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