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NKUA video interview

Personas, user requirements, user centred approach… Are you familiar with these terms? If you are designing a product, you’ll be. But in any case the NKUA video interview can be helpful for you.

We want to better present the BRIDGES multidisciplinary consortium, starting by interviewing the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens whose primary role in the project is to design a User-Centred & User Experience methodology.

This basically means to place the users at the center of the work, according to their needs.

Bridges aims at piloting and testing the extended reality to two different sectors: industrial training (firefighters and first-responders simulations) and informal learning (museum visits). How to collect needs of such different users? How to combine the feedback of these different scenarios?

The conceptual tool we utilize for this is that of a “persona”. A persona is a fictional character, which we create based upon your research in order to represent the different user types that might use a digital environment, experience, or application. Creating personas help us understand your users’ needs, experiences, behaviours and goals. 

So we have the Pappa’s family, Alexandro, Nikolas and many others… Based on this, we collected requirements and grouped them into categories such as pedagogical, experiential, technical, and operational, as well as general (applying to both Pilots) and site-specific requirements. 

At the end we have about 30 requirements for each pilot plus 30 general requirements. To each requirement we assigned a priority of High/Medium/Low.

Find out more with the NKUA video interview!

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