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Nice to meet you in XR! – Periktione

The characters living in the XR at the Foundation of Hellenic World

We would like to introduce you to the characters that animate the XR experience developed by BRIDGES at the Foundation of the Hellenic World. These are Avatars and Non-Player Characters (NPCs). 

While avatars are virtual characters who lend their likenesses to visitors so that they can interact with each other and with objects in extended reality, NPCs are virtual characters who are not being played by the visitors, but are useful to enrich the environment and to make it more realistic.        

After introducing Ergochares, it’s the turn of Periktione (NPC) and the ancient descent from Solon.


Imagine teaching history using avatars and NPCs. We would have the most passionate students of history ever. 

#2nd meeting:

Periktione (NPC) and the ancient descent from Solon

BRIDGES project: Non-Player Character n°2 - Perictione

My name is Periktione and I’m Ergohares’ wife. I descend from the house of Glaukon, one of the oldest families in the municipality.
I gave Ergochares the aristocratic prestige he had lost when engaging in business and not in cultivating the land. In fact, my distant relative, named Periktione like me, came from the house of Kritias, who was Solon’s relative. So, you can imagine how important the origin of Glaukon was!

Widowed, my ancestress Periktione got married to Ariston from the municipality (deme) of Kollytos and her son was the future philosopher Plato.

I was not so unlucky though. Despite the difficulties of the previous years, the repeated absence of Ergochares in the war and the threat of the plague, I didn’t become a widow, nor did I lose my only son Efthymachus, to whom I had dedicated my entire life.

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