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AIA video interview

The round of partners’ presentation continues: after National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Bolt Virtual and Foundation of the Hellenic World, we are launching AIA video interview.

During the previous interviews we focused on the cultural/informal learning pilot, now let’s move on industrial training use case with Athens International Aiport.

Athens International Airport (AIA) is the largest airport in Greece, and one of end-users partners of BRIDGES project. Together with Berlin Brandenburg Airport, it hosts BRIDGES piloting and testing activities for the industrial training scenario.

What are the potential applications of virtual reality in an airport? What value extended reality technology can bring to an airport? What are the challenges that virtual reality can solve in daily activities?

With Athens Internation Airport we discuss about piloting and testing extended reality applications for firefighters drills and simulations. It is extremely important to know from those who are directly concerned how to improve firefighters and first-responders training opportunities, and so, general safety.

Greater efficiency, accuracy, flexibility of the workflow, reduction of physical infrastructure required, reducing costs, proactive event mitigation? Discover the benefits that extended reality can bring to the daily activity of an airport and its industrial training with AIA video interview!

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