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TUW video interview

What are the latest developments for extended reality? How to use real physical objects into the virtual environment? Let’s see it with TUW video interview!

Technical University of Wien (TU Wien) is an an academic institution that has been conducting research, teaching and learning under the motto ‘Technology for people’ for over 200 years.

Starting from a definition for extended reality, Christian Schönauer describes the role of TU Wien – especially the research unit of Computer Graphics that focuses on three main aspects: Rendering and Modeling, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Visualization – in the BRIDGES project.

He describes the potential developments in XR, and how the project can contribute to bring improvements and to democratise #extendedreality.

How many and which versions of bridges will be released? And what are the developments you are working on? The video contains details about the BRIDGES platform: its developments and different releases.

The video also includes a short demo about object tracking technology that we’re applying into BRIDGES platform, do not miss the TUW video interview!

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