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Nice to meet you in XR! – Linos

The characters you can choose to live the XR experience in the Ancient Greece

We would like to introduce you to the characters that animate the XR experience developed by BRIDGES at the Foundation of the Hellenic World. These are Avatars and Non-Player Characters (NPCs). 

While avatars are virtual characters who lend their likenesses to visitors so that they can interact with each other and with objects in extended reality, NPCs are virtual characters who are not being played by the visitors, but are useful to enrich the environment and to make it more realistic.        

After introducing the 3 Non-palying Characters (NPCs) Ergochares, Periktione, and Efthimachοs it’s time to introduce you the avatars!

After visitors put on their equipment, they can choose the avatar with which they experience the XR scenario.

Each avatar has his/her own personality and characteristics, which determine the role of visitors and the typology of interactions in the XR.

List of previous avatars:

  1. Appolonios
  2. Antigone


Imagine teaching history using avatars and NPCs. We would have the most passionate students of history ever!

#6th meeting:

Linοs (avatar), brave young man

BRIDGES project: Avatar n°3 - Linos

I’m 21 years old. I’m tall, with short brown hair. I wear a grey chiton.

I’m the son of Appoloniοs and Antigone, and close friend of Efthymachοs. I’m also a friend and admirer of Alcibiades, and Hippias’s student. While I respect father, as the morals of the time order, I believe that he belongs to a long-gone-by, conservative generation and I don’t hesitate to oppose him for his ideas.  After all, I’m a citizen particularly of a city, where everyone has the courage of his convictions and the right to express it. Despite the differences of our ages, Efthymachus and I became intimate friends. Now I’m visiting my friend, full of jealousy, to wish him goodbye.   

I’m dynamic, with an explosive temper. I enjoy my mother’s weakness for me and I deeply love my young sister, Melissa, to whom I often offer small presents and teach her a lot. 

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